Achieve Unmatched Productivity with Stick Packing Machines

Experience unmatched productivity with our cutting-edge stick packing machine, designed for high outputs and exceptional performance. This intermittent movement machine is  engineered to produce tubular bags sealed on three sides, catering to various product sectors.

Stick Packs for High Outputs: Our versatile Stick Pack packaging machine is available in 1 to 20 lane versions. It is an intermittent movement machine used in various product sectors because it has sealing tubular bags on three sides.

Our Stick Pack Packaging can package a wide range of products. Whether it’s solids, powders, granules, liquids, viscous substances, tablets, or individual items, our machine can handle it all.

With a single heat-sealing film reel and also precise cutting in the desired number of lines, our Stick Pack Packaging Machine ensures efficient packaging processes. Its user-friendly touch-screen control and reliable servomotors guarantee optimal performance, which makes it incredibly easy to operate.

At MF PACKAGING, we take pride in delivering innovative and also reliable packaging solutions. Our Stick Pack Machines, combined with our unparalleled after-sales support, have established us as a leading company in the packaging and wrapping sector. Experience the benefits of our expertise and elevate your packaging operations to new heights.