High Speed VFFS RP Anniversary

The ANNIVERSARY represents the concept of strength and dependability, as it outperforms its predecessors and competitors in the industry. The machine’s sleek design, boasts smooth lines, ensuring reliability even at high speeds. The latest iteration the ANNIVERSARY HS, boasts enhanced power and speed through the implementation of Brushless motors.

The safety and hygiene of the machine were of paramount importance throughout the design process. It is available in both stainless and painted steel, and it has the ability to produce 4 side seal bags. It is also compatible with pillow bags, gussted bags, lateral sealing bags and block bottom bags.

In essence, ANNIVERSARY combines innovation with durability, creating a dependable and efficient packaging solution. Its advanced features and modern design serve as a testament to our company’s unwavering commitment to quality and excellence.

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Production speed Up to 110 ppm
Reel Dimensions 620 / 720 mm
Product Dimensions Width (Min 32mm – Max 320mm)Length (Min 60mm – Max 450mm)
Power Consumption 3.5kW
Pneumatics Requirements 6 bar
Electronic Package Omron
Dimensions Length 1825mm

Width 1310mm

Height 1320mm

Weight 500kg


  • Enhanced power and speed with Brushless motors for improved performance during the sealing process.
  • New safety devices and reduction of compressed air to reduce noise polution.
  • Available in both stainless steel and painted steel, with the option to create 4 side seal bagsbags.

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