MVS 50 X & XP

The MVS50 X is a trolley vacuum packaging machine with a sealing bar of 510mm.

The MVS XP  series has process tracking as well as an automatic labelling system. The vacuum formed within each pack can be traced using the new MVS XP range of chamber vacuum sealers. This is a ground-breaking step for the internal vacuum. This is a distinctive novelty characteristic of these machines.

The XP version vacuum packaging machines allows you to print a label containing all of the necessary information for each packing procedure. This provides important information about the operation. One unique feature is the control panel packed with cutting-edge food packaging technologies. The key advantages of the new interactive display are its speed and ease of use. This allows for quick machine setup. It aids in programming technical maintenance and assistance.

The MVS 50x and XP vacuum packing machine line has received the CE/ETL/NSF certification.

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Power Supply 400V 50Hz 3Ph
Max Current 1.8 kW
Sealing Bar Dimension  510mm (2 sealing bars)
Packaging Cycle Vacuum (22 second) Reatmosphere (12 seconds)
Vacuum Pump 40 mc/h
Work Surface Height 889 m
Chamber Dimensions 562x518x241 mm
Machine Dimensions 773x758x1028 mm




  • Liquid Crystal Control display with quick and easy settings
  • Preliminary Diagnosis via check-up function on display screen
  • Option of retrieving types of products needed to be packed
  • Option of entering type of inert gas, the percentage of gases, transferring set data onto label
  • Option to select subcategories for product macro category
  • Easy pulse function making programming easier. Operator can recall functions which have already been set
  • Printing option to issue vacuum certification
  • Soft air, allowing air to gradually return to chamber without packaging colloapsing
  • Cp-Conditioning programme function to initiate pump. Eliminates Oil liquid emulsions.
  • External Vacuum, create a vacuum inside a container outside of machine while connected to tank and tube
  • Vacuum can be created by setting time and disabling vacuum sensor detection.




The MVS 50 X is a trolley vacuum packaging machine with a sealing bar of 510mm.


MVS X is a cutting-edge vacuum packing machine line that includes high-quality technological content as well as novel features. These products are very user-friendly and have a very intuitive design. All models in the series were conceived and produced with the help of chefs and food industry specialists, allowing for the implementation of a rich series of particular features that focus on the demands of professional use. 


The new MVS XP series allows for the vacuum formed in the packing process to be tracked. It is an innovative and revolutionary development for the internal vacuum.  Certain versions in the series allow you to print labels for each machining. This displays the most significant information about the packing procedure.

The control panel is a creative and also feature-rich aspect of these chamber vacuum packaging machines. It is a genuine flagship that incorporates several pioneering technology in the food packaging field. The Panel’s high level of interactivity as well as its ease of navigation between tasks, allow for speedy operation setup. This allows the operator to arrange even technical assistance interventions giving you peace of mind.

MVS 50 X & XP is a popular machine used in kitchens of restaurant and bars. One of the main benefits of using MVS vacuum packaging machines is that they can significantly extend the shelf life.  Perishable foods -meat, fish, and vegetables maintain shelf life for longer when packaged by this machine. By removing the air from the packaging, the growth of bacteria, mold, as well as other microorganisms is slowed down, thus preventing spoilage and waste.

Vacuum packaging machines provide numerous benefits, such as extending the shelf life of food products, preventing spoilage, preserving freshness and flavour, reducing food waste, and allowing for efficient and organized storage.

The whole MVS X/XP chamber vacuum packing series has received CE/ETL/NSF certification.