Record’s SYNTHESIS INOX is the fruit of over 20 years of technological research, boasting exceptional reliability and performance. It’s the ideal machine for packaging food products including meat, poultry, fish and pizzas in a straightforward and hygienic way.

The SYNTHESIS INOX Features a new forced ventilation system located at the back. The machine maintains a constant temperature without the risk of overheating. Furthermore, the absence of motors, fans and felt on the hood’s bottom ensures effortless cleaning and high hygiene standards.

The sealing and shrinking processes are carried out simultaneously, allowing users to set values that can be displayed directly on the screen for high-yield results with all types of films. By combining these technological innovations, energy savings of up to 20% can be achieved.

The SYNTHESIS INOX is the perfect solution for packaging food products, leveraging advanced technology and innovative features to deliver a simple, hygienic, and energy-efficient packaging process.

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Production speed Up to 5ppm
Reel Dimensions 600 mm
Product Dimensions Width (Min 500mm)

Height (200mm)

Length (Min 380mm)

Power Consumption 230V 1Ph 3kW
Electronic Package Schneider
Machine Dimensions Length 1280mm

Width 780mm

Height 1180mm

Weight 134kg



  • Soft Shrink fan speed adjustment that enables perfect heat-shrinking on light or flexible products, with no opening of sealed areas. This feature is also extremely quiet and has an exclusive patent.
  • High-performance steel resistors that reduce shrinking time by 50% and heating time by 60%
  • Comfort Zone Fan Stop, a “green” solution that saves 20% more energy and enhances operator comfort by stopping the fan when the chamber opens.
  • A new latest-generation board with quality components and a 4-digit display.


  1. Increased shelf-life: The vacuum sealing process of chamber machines removes oxygen from the packaging. This helps to extend the shelf life of food products.
  2. Protection: The vacuum sealing process also provides a barrier against external elements. This includes  dust, bacteria, and also moisture. Vacuum sealing protects the food product from contamination.
  3. Enhanced freshness: By removing oxygen, the vacuum sealing process helps to preserve the colour, texture, and flavour of the food product. This results in enhanced freshness.
  4. Reduced food waste: The extended shelf life provided by chamber machines helps to reduce food waste. They allow food products to be stored for longer periods.


  1. Meat and poultry: Chamber machines are commonly used in the meat and poultry industry to package meat products. This includes beef, pork, chicken, and also fish.
  2. Dairy: The dairy industry uses chamber machines to package products such as cheese, butter, and yogurt, which require protection from contamination and spoilage.
  3. Bakery: The bakery industry uses chamber machines to package bread, cakes, pastries, and other baked goods to maintain freshness and extend shelf life.
  4. Produce: The produce industry uses chamber machines to package fruits and vegetables to protect them from external elements and extend shelf life.
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