The MINIMA evo shrink wrap machine from Record is our smallest chamber machine designed specifically for small production capacity. This small shrink wrap machine, offers a versatile and efficient packaging solution with minimal space requirements. Its standout features include absolute reliability, high yield, low energy consumption, and ease of use. Minima Evo is equipped with the Comfort Zone Fan Stop. This is an environmentally-friendly solution that offers 20% energy savings and improved operator comfort during packaging operations. It achieves this by automatically stopping the fan when the chamber is opened.

These features make it an unparalleled choice for businesses that value a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly packaging solution.


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Production speed Up to 5ppm
Reel Dimensions 350 mm
Product Dimensions Width (Min 350mm)

Height (140mm)

Length (Min 240mm)

Power Consumption 230V 1Ph 1.2kW
Electronic Package Schneider
Machine Dimensions Length 930mm

Width 550mm

Height 370mm

Weight 48kg


  • Electronic board with optimal sealing and shrinking control, with 10 preset programs that can be selected on the display. 4-digit display
  • Extra wide reel support to house standard Ø200×350 mm reels: extended operation and few production stops.







  • Increased shelf-life: The vacuum sealing process of chamber machines removes oxygen from the packaging, which helps to extend the shelf life of food products.
  • Protection: The vacuum sealing process also provides a barrier against external elements such as dust, bacteria, and moisture, which helps to protect the food product from contamination.
  • Enhanced freshness: By removing oxygen, the vacuum sealing process helps to preserve the colour, texture, and flavour of the food product, which results in enhanced freshness.
  • Reduced food waste: The extended shelf life provided by chamber machines helps to reduce food waste by allowing food products to be stored for longer periods.


  • Industrial packaging: Chamber heat shrinking packaging machines are widely used in the industrial packaging sector. They can package items such as electronic components, automotive parts, and also machinery.
  • Retail packaging: These machines are ideal for retail packaging applications. This includes packaging food items, toys, as well as other consumer goods.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: The pharmaceutical industry uses chamber heat shrinking packaging machines to package medical devices and also drugs to maintain their sterility and integrity.
  • E-commerce packaging: The rise of e-commerce has led to an increased demand for efficient packaging solutions. Chamber heat shrinking packaging machines are ideal for e-commerce packaging, as they can handle different product sizes and shapes.

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