Record Box Master

This innovative machine boasts a dynamic variable speed, capable of handling an impressive 1,100 boxes per hour, adjusting effortlessly to various box dimensions. What sets the Record Box Master apart is its swift, uncomplicated, and consistently replicable machine adjustments.

Crafted with an open frame structure, fortified by a robust chassis, the Record Box Master provides complete visibility and unhindered access to the machinery’s mechanical components, streamlining maintenance. The machine’s mobility is enhanced with the inclusion of wheels on the framework, facilitating easy positioning.

The Record Box Master is not only agile but also exhibits a robust design that simplifies box loading. Furthermore, it features an integrated counter for swift and precise box dimension setup. The standard box storage capacity accommodates up to 150 boxes, while an optional extended version can store an impressive 265 boxes.

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  Standard (mm) Big (mm)
workbench height H1 (std.) 600-700 600-700
Max. height H1 2085 2285
Max width W2 (box storage 150) 2420 2770
Max width W2 (box storage 300) 3020 3370
Max length (tape closure) 2850 2980
Max length (hot-melt closure) 3820 3940
  • Max. production capacity: Up to 18* BPM
  • Open frame structure, with stiff and strong chassis
  • standard box storage can store up to 150 boxes, the optional

    extended version can store up to 300 boxes.

  • End cycle and full line detection
  • Easy installation – delivered full assembled
  • Production flexibility – manages boxes from 150 x 125 x 80 mm to 620 x 500 x 500 mm (depending on the version)
  • Customised programmes