Refurbished Nitrogen Cooling Tunnel

Introducing our nitrogen cooling tunnel – your ticket to efficient product cooling! Expertly refurbished to the highest standards, it’s a nitrogen cooler designed to elevate your packaging game. With a specialized gas compressor, this tunnel delivers top-notch cooling performance. It can process up to 40 products per minute, ensuring your products are cooled and ready for packing. Say goodbye to compromise and hello to excellence with our state-of-the-art cooling tunnel. Elevate your production, maintain product quality, and stay ahead of the competition. Add this to your flow wrapping machine today. Available now!

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  • Length: 6,400 mm
  • Width: 760 mm
  • Height: 1,220 mm


  • Expertly refurbished to the highest standards.
  • Specialized gas compressor for top-notch cooling performance.
  • Can process up to 40 products per minute
  • New belt and bearings