MiniFlow 600

The Miniflow 600 EVO, a fully servo driven automatic horizontal flow wrapper. This machine was orginally loaned out to package multipacks of crisps.

A hallmark of our Miniflow 600 EVO is its dedication to simplifying your maintenance and cleaning routines, all while providing a robust packaging solution.

The machine is easy to use with a straightforward interface that anybody can learn quickly.

Driven by three high-performance brushless motors and equipped with a 7” touch screen panel, the Miniflow 600 EVO promises unparalleled versatility. With the ability to easily change formats, this machine transforms packaging operations into a smooth and straightforward task.

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Production speed up to 120 ppm
Reel Dimensions 600 mm
Product Dimensions  W 290mm x L 650 mm x H 110 mm
Power Consumption 3.6 KW
Pneumatics Requirements  6 bar
Electronic Package  Elco & Delta Electronics
Dimensions 3500mm x 730mm x H1700mm
Weight 600 Kg
  • Power supply: 220 V
  • No Product No Bag
  • Print Registration
  • Sealing bars diameter: 120/150 or 180 mm, allowing for a maximum 110 mm product transit
  • 3 pairs of rollers: First two for film feed, second for sealing (diameter 120 mm) and fin fold
  • Safety casing with stoppage system in case of opening
  • CE certified management and safety modules
  • Motorized product unloading belt with central drive
  • Emergency buttons with immediate interruption of the work cycle
  • End-of-line courtesy buttons
  • Photocell for print centring included
  • Pneumatic expandable reel-holder shaft
  • Sliding surfaces in AISI 304 steel compliant with CE standards
  • Cut and seal motor increased to 1.9 Nm
  • Inspectable magnetic roller bars
  • Easy-clean device for easier machine cleaning

Miniflow 600 EVO, minipack-torre’s innovative flow wrap machine, enhances packaging processes with its high performance, versatility, and advanced tech. Designed for easy maintenance and cleaning, it uses 3 brushless motors and a 7″ touchscreen for simple format changes. It packages up to 120 products per minute and comes with a fixed adjsutable box.

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