Record Packaging Systems: Quality Refurbished and New Packaging Machines

Discover high-quality packaging solutions at Record Packaging Systems. Explore our wide range of refurbished and in-stock packaging machines, ready for immediate dispatch. Each of our refurbished machines comes with a 12-month mechanical warranty, whilst our new machines boast a 24-month comprehensive warranty covering both mechanical and electrical aspects. We pride ourselves on our meticulous vetting process, ensuring each machine is perfectly set up to handle your product before it leaves our facility.

MiniFlow 600

Miniflow 600 EVO, minipack-torre's innovative flow wrap machine, enhances packaging processes with its high performance, versatility, and advanced tech. Designed for easy maintenance and cleaning, it uses 3 brushless motors and a 7" touchscreen for simple format changes. It packages up to 120 products per minute and comes with a fixed adjsutable box.

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Refurbished ilapack


The Illpack Uno S, a fully servo-driven, lug transfer flow wrapper, is your reliable partner for efficient packaging. Backed by a 12-month warranty and Record Packaging support, it guarantees versatility with an 800mm reel holder, print registration and an adjustable folding box. It's a dependable asset, formerly serving a bakery, now ready to boost your production.

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Record Panda Horizontal Flow Wrapper


The versatile Panda flow pack, packaging 150 items/min, is made from AISI 304 stainless steel for enhanced hygiene and moisture protection. With a barrette transfer unit, print registration, and an elongated infeed, this machine is optimized for packaging various solids. Completely refurbished and warrantied for 1 year, it offers reliable performance.

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Refurbished Flow Wrap Record Panda MD

Record Panda 2004 MD with siemens servo control. This machine runs on 3 driven motors. It comes with a barrette for the transfer of small products. The machine is a cantilever stainless steel design with food grade plastic guarding to cover non food contact areas. This Record Panda flow wrapper has been fully refurbished by our team of in house...

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Record Small Rotary Motion Flow Wrapper

Tiny Flow Wrapper

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Automatic L sealing Pratika 56 X 1 Refurbished

The PRATIKA 56  X1 is an automatic packaging machine developed for use with polyolefin shrink film. It comes with a double hatch with clear perspex covers. The latest version of this machine has been designed with great care to meet the needs of the market. The aim was to offer a heat shrink packaging machine that is technologically advanced, versatile...

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Sprinter Cartoner

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Record Jaguar MD LS

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Refurbished Scorpion E

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Refurbished Panda 1000

This Panda 1000 is a mechanical flow wrapper built in 1998 with an electronic upgrade. It has a double jaw with a jaw width of 170mm. It has recently been upgraded with full set of new electronics that ensure efficent performance. It has also been upgraded with fully stainless steel guarding for enhaced durability. All food contact areas are fully...

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Refurbished Nitrogen Cooling Tunnel

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Quality Assured Packaging Machinery Available Today

At Record Packaging Machinery, we specialise in providing top-tier packaging solutions to meet the diverse needs of industries worldwide. We understand the importance of reliable and efficient packaging machinery for your operations, which is why we offer a wide selection of refurbished and in-stock packaging machines, ready for immediate dispatch.

Each of our refurbished machine comes with a solid 12-month mechanical warranty, giving you peace of mind with your investment. For businesses seeking the latest in packaging technology, our new demo machines offer a generous 18-month warranty, encompassing both mechanical and electrical components, so you can have confidence in the longevity and performance of your machinery.

At Record, we do more than just sell machines; we ensure they’re the perfect fit for your product. Our expert team meticulously vets each machine before it leaves our facility, adjusting the settings to ensure it is perfectly set up for your specific product needs.

When it comes to packaging machinery, trust the experts at Record Packaging Systems. We’re committed to delivering machines that offer exceptional performance, longevity, and value for money, all backed by comprehensive warranty coverage and our dedicated customer service team.

“Secure Efficiency, Zero Stress – Machines that Work, so You Work Less!”